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Neptune's flagship Apex controller is an all in one solution consisting of salinity, temp, pH and ORP probes, along with WiFi connectivity all in a single package.

The Apex Controller is ultimately of the most advanced dedicated aquarium controllers changing how reef keeping is done.

With an ever-growing strong online community of Apex users, an intuitive yet simple cloud interface, and the continued release of controllable cutting-edge equipment, the Apex Controller System is a perfect option for a fully automated reef tank.

The Apex Controller functions through Fusion, the cloud-based software, and through the dashboard. The dashboard ensures you always have access to your Apex in any type of event, power outage, or if the internet is down through a local area network (LAN), unlike many other cloud-based controllers. The Energy Bar 832 provides you control at the individual outlet level tracking how much power each individual outlet is consuming letting you set alarms, send emails, or even have IOS notifications let you know before things go wrong.

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