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Ultra Rock Flower Anemone 3 Pack (NON WYSIWYG)

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Ultra Rock Flower Anemone 3 Pack

Start your Ultra Rock Flower Collection with this 3 pack of color popping anemones.

Included in your package of rock flower anemones will be 3 "Cherry" picked specimens.

Ultra Rock Anemones are a great way to add bright colors to your tank and create amazing contrasts between corals.

How to Care For Your Ultra Rock Anemones

  • Rock Flowers are meat eaters. You can feed them any kind of fresh or frozen saltwater fish food. 
  • Water flow requirements are medium to high
  • Make your Rock Flower pop by running them under your UV and Blue LEDs
  • They can be aggressive and will sting their prey
  • Rock Flowers live up to their name. They will attach to rocks or your reef; they do remain pretty stationary once they found their "happy" place
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