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Auction Guidelines

Welcome to Aquariums Wholesale Live Coral Auctions
Before you start bidding, there are some important things to go over.
    • Do I need an account to bid?
    • When are you auctions?
      • Our auctions occur weekly, Wednesday night at 7:20PM Central and the following Saturday at 5:00PM Central. We call this an "Auction Set".
    • How much is Shipping and can I combine my winnings?
      • Shipping is a flat $39.99 1 for all 48 continental US States.
      • If you participate in our Wednesday auction and the following Saturday auction, we will combine your winnings with no additional shipping charge.
    • How do I bid?
      • We will state the item number and starting bid price. (ex. Little Shop of Horror Zoa Frag - A1 $1)
      • You then type your bids in the live chat (ex, "A1 $99" ) ***BIDS MUST BE IN $1 INCREMENTS***
      • After about 50 seconds, we will announce that we are counting down from 10 to 1. (Keep bidding and try to win)
      • After the countdown, we will like the winning bid and it will automatically post to our website. GOOD LUCK!
    • I am not sure that I won, what do I do?
    • When will I receive my Coral?
      • After confirming that you won an item, you must purchase the appropriate shipping kit for the day you would like to receive your winnings. WE DO NOT HOLD ITEMS across auction sets. THIS GOES FOR LOCALS TOO! Click Here to Purchase a Shipping Kit 
    • How do I pay for my Coral?
      • Within 24hrs of the auction ending, you will receive an invoice via email. **Check your spam, promotions, junk, all folders**
      • You then follow the link in the email and pay. 
    1. You must win at least $75 to qualify for the $39.99 shipping rate. Orders less than $75 will pay the actual cost of shipping based on Zip code.

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